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An online select shop introducing stylish accessories for smart, glamorous women with elegant taste. In addition to our original jewelry "Jurious", we offer a variety of imported items with a modern taste, which are not available anywhere else in Japan.

Original Jewelry


"Jurious" is our original fashion jewelry brand with a taste of glamour and cuteness, which has been produced for women who want luxurious and fashionable items.

Please ask us if you are interested in being a distributors of "Jurious". We do not discern between business types such as retail shops, online shops, individuals and companies.

Original Items for Companies

With our know-how, we produce original items for companies based on their needs and business strategy. After our contract jewelry designers complete their stylish design considering the latest trends, our contract manufacturers and atelier located in Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, etc, will produce them.

Imported Jewelry

We import, high-class jewelry produced overseas in Italy, France and the US directly from the manufacturers, ateliers and designers. We are pleased to help you expand into the Japanese market.

Event Planning & Business Consulting

Event Planning

Depending on the customer's request, we will plan and run their event such as an exhibition at high-end hotels. We will carry out an impressive event from traditional style to new style never seen before.

Sales Promotion & Consulting

When a customer is in need of sales promotion for a new product, we can work with them as a consultant, utilizing our know-how of web marketing and media collaboration with magazines and TV programs. We also produce user-friendly websites with a sophisticated design.


SOHO Office


Our SOHO office "GLASSO", which is conveniently located near JR Shinagawa Station, is prepared to welcome entrepreneurs and creators such as designers and programmers. Please ask us for further details.

soho office